Last Kiss

Album #2 - "Last Kiss"

The stories behind the song written by Brian Brisbourne

Last Kiss

The feature song and album title starts off with a melodic motif heard throughout and flowing into another “break-up” story followed by a catchy but sad chorus filled with harmony vocals.  This radio friendly song is a crowd pleaser that most people can relate to.


This song was inspired by that old cliché “if you love someone set them free, and if that one comes back, it was meant to be”.  Devotion at its finest.

Going Home

The riggers of life on the road is the theme of this song.  Seeking adventure but still missing home.

I Am The One

This was the last song written of the 10 song compilation and certainly my favourite. Designed to be a simple sing-along with a modest yet flowing chorus of “I am the one”.  This one will keep you singing all day and late into the night. A chart topper with an East Coast flare.

Be Your Everything

How many of us had friends but wanted to be more than “just friends”.  That’s what this song is based on - to be your everything.

A Song For Ivan

By far one of the saddest songs written, based on a true story from the East Coast of Canada.   Enjoy this finger style arpeggiated guitar work while the verses offer an East Coast folk story telling that will open your heart to anyone enduring such a loss.  Hearts will break, and tears will fall when you hear the song open with a wrenching melodic motif…. take heart.

Do You Believe

We take so much for granted, and if we just stand back for a minute and open our eyes, we’ll find miracles everywhere.  If you’re a believer, this song is for you.  My guest guitar player, Sam Coulson (Asia fame) delivers a ripping lead and along with some fills to bring this song to another level.


No CD is complete without a blues song and Doorman is it.   This shuffle has a sense of simplicity and yet the chorus keeps you singing even after the song has ended…. sing on.

Remember Me

A song of loved ones lost but never forgotten.  They’re always in our hearts through tough times and when there is no comfort from the world outside.  Remember Me is a feeling song that will certainly comfort you.

Flight Of The Butterfly

The title of this instrumental was brought on by the open “D” tuning finger style groove which blends into chord rhythms.  This song, with a pinch of Latin, makes you feel like you’re watching butterflies in the meadow.  Take note of the harmonizing trumpets soaring late in the song.