Brian Brisbourne

Guitarist • Songwriter • Teacher


Hi, my name is Brian Brisbourne. Ever since my mid-teens when I got my first guitar, I have loved the instrument and have never set it down to this day.  I have played with numerous bands and met many like-minded musicians along the way. 

I am always interested in writing songs in different genres, experimenting from rock to blues and from country to jazz.  Mixed together, this gives my writing a unique but radio friendly flare all its own. 

Graduating from Musician Institute’s GIT program and attending several other college music courses, I have honed my skills to record two CDs to date all accompanied with professional musicians. Check out my CDs “Your Friend” and “Last Kiss”.  I know you will be inspired.

Learn to Play Guitar

Lesson programs are tailored-made to each student, focusing on those areas they would like ot imporve on or concetrate on. LIkewise, our instructors can organize a regiment based on what best suits the student and their level of experience.

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